The humanitarian crisis in north-east Nigeria continues as hostilities between Nigerian security forces and non-state armed groups

enter their ninth year. The internal displacement of the civilians has caused destabilization of the basic services and daily life routine

(an area already affected by poverty and malnourishment). An estimated 8.5 million people in the three most affected states of Borno,

Yobe and Adamawa now depend on humanitarian assistance. Since 2016 humanitarian institutions in close cooperation with the

Government of Nigeria has provided life-saving assistance and helped stabilise living conditions for millions of people. Improvements

in access to basic facilities has reduced mortality and morbidity. Access to humanitarian activities continues to present major challenges

in Borno State with dozens of conflict incidents reported every month. Civilians are being targeted directly and by IEDs (often carried

by young women and children) on a weekly basis. The Threats of attacks by insurgent groups and military restrictions due to the

emergency continues to have negative impact on trade, market and livelihoods, making a large portion of the population dependent

on humanitarian assistance.

Problems IDPs are facing:

  • Lack of appropriate shelter, food, water, sanitation, healthcare

  • Poor food, water and hygiene conditions are leading towards malnutrition, diarrhea and deaths

  • Women and Children are exposed to all forms of exploitation including sexual abuse and trafficking

  • Lack of rehabilitation plans are making IDPs vulnerable to crime

  • Women and Children are exposed to all forms of exploitation including sexual abuse and trafficking

  • Lack of educational opportunities


  • CIDAR in partnership with UNICEF is supporting thousands of IDPs in camps and host communities of Borno state
  • CIDAR is providing regular maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation of WASH facilities in 16 IDPs camps in Borno state
  • CIDAR has provided food & non-food relief items to 45000 IDPs in Borno, Adamawa and Kebbi states
  • CIDAR with its partners reached out to IDPs of Bama camp where out of 28000 IDPs more than 15000 are children, among them 4500 are under the age of 5
  • CIDAR in coalition with other like minded organisations has adopted Malari Community under Konduga LGA. We are rebuilding the village to bring back the displaced families